Wife and mother of four; Children’s Ministry Director, 12Stone Church About the Blog: After the birth of my third child, my supportive husband bought me a laptop and told me to start writing. I wrote my first blog post about the birth of Chloe, and with that post, a new facet to my life was born, as well. The year after our baby was born was a difficult one for me, and I found writing as a means to clear my head and put my problems in perspective. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion, and I now blog in the hope of fostering a writing career. My blog does not cover one specific theme, as I am discovering and experimenting with my voice. I write about my follies in parenthood and the crazy things my children will do because they’re small; I unburden my heart and look to deepen my understanding of my faith through the keys on my computer; and I dabble in short stories, poetry, and commentary. I don’t try to paint a pretty picture of motherhood but my picture, and I write about what I’ve learned through the messy moments. One of the unexpected blessings from this blog is learning that time and time again others have benefited from reading about these moments, too. I hope you find my blog a comfortable place to laugh, to question, and to come as you are–there’s no need for pretense here because you won’t find me pretending to be something I’m not. About Me: I graduated from The University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in education, and I started teaching literature and writing to tenth grade students the following school year. I went on to pursue a master’s degree, but after a semester I stopped. I realized that while literature and writing were my passions, teaching was not. In a move that surprised all family and friends, I sought and was awarded a commission as an officer in the United States Air Force after a very selective application and training process. My husband Matt and I then packed up and moved from Georgia to Oklahoma and began a new phase of our life together. After this huge life change we were presented with another–I became pregnant with our first child, Caleb, one year after heading to Officer Training School. After Caleb was born, I was able to separate from the Air Force and move back to Georgia, and I have been taking care of babies ever since! Matt and I are blessed to be the parents of Caleb, Hannah Grace, and Chloe. My claim to fame has been having three children in three years, and as a result, most days I am tired. I do my best to surround my children with love and patience, but every day I am reminded why I need God’s grace! I strive to teach my children to love God and others, to discipline fairly and effectively, and to provide them with a healthy environment to learn and grow–physically, mentally, and spiritually. I cook from scratch most days and with natural ingredients and look for ways to be ‘green,’ but I’ll never turn down pizza if you want to bring one over, and I can’t imagine living without paper towels. I love to exercise, but I also love to sleep, so if I ever get the chance to go on vacation, you will not find me on the treadmill–I will be in bed as long as my kids allow (which is not long, unfortunately). I’m hard-working and strive for organization, but I always find myself looking for where I hid the scissors. I do not have it all together by any stretch of the imagination and am thoroughly enjoying finding out more about myself through my marriage, children, and writing. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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