What You See is What You Get

Women have told me that they enjoy my blog because they feel better after reading one of my posts. At first, I felt flattered by the compliments; perhaps I offered a perspective that helped women get through their day. Then the realization hit me: I make people feel better because when they read about me, they see they aren’t doing so bad!

I started blogging last May, shortly after the birth of my daughter. She was my third child in three years. I wish I could say that I’ve handled motherhood with grace, but I’ve had more than a few stumbles along the way.

I know it’s hard to believe those sweet faces could ever make me lose my mind, but keep reading my blog, and I’ll make you a believer!

My blog has been my place where I can think. I think through my writing, and typically, I leave each post with a clear head. When I doubt my abilities as a mother, a wife, or a child of God, I work through my insecurities here. Some of my posts are serious; some are downright silly. Sometimes I let my mind wander to a future place, and the result has been short stories about “The Crazy Old Bat.” Whatever I write is absent of any pretense-I started this blog for me and see no point in writing lies to make myself feel better. My hope is that my journey can help you in yours, as well.

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Originally published at https://jennifervdavis.com on April 9, 2010.

Wife and mother of four; Former Children’s Ministry Director, 12Stone Church. Current High School English Teacher.